Dr. Lou’s Kitchen.

Dr. Lou's Kitchen - A cooking show with Dr. Lou Jacobs - Maine Chiropractor - Portland, Maine - Call (207) 774-6251.

Dr. Lou’s Kitchen – A cooking show with Dr. Lou Jacobs – Maine Chiropractor – Portland, Maine – Call (207) 774-6251.

With the majority of restaurants supplying your meals from SYSCO, Sam’s club or BJ’s, I had an idea. Rather than cutting corners for profit in an industry that is as cut throat as any, why not start cooking more at home. Since I already cook a lot at home, why not help others do the same? Food that tastes good but is made from poor ingredients, misses half the boat when you eat out. At home, it’s easier to do it all the right way.

I grew up around parents who cooked, a grandfather who owned a café, and a number of others who were solid participants in the kitchen. I went on to study cooking in Beijing, China and surround myself with people who prioritized food.

So much of your health is related to the food you eat. With over 50% of Maine people overweight or obese, and numbers growing locally and nationwide, if you don’t watch what you eat you are going to be more likely to run into problems. Problems ruin quality of life. I remind my patients all the time, as far as we know, we have only one life. We should preserve it while making the most of it. Needless suffering that we create for ourselves is foolish. Best to live a life of relative balance with fewer problems and greater happiness.

A happy life is. a healthy life.

My first job is to help your nervous system communicate to your body properly by removing interference (pressure) on the nerves, to optimize function. My second job is to do my best to help you optimize your life and milk it for every last drop. People around us are suffering needlessly every day. They lose days, weeks, years of their life because of bad choices and lack of effort. You are worth your effort. You are worth the time. You are worth the money. Your life is remarkable, and if it doesn’t feel that way, maybe it’s time you get help to recognize how beautiful it can be.

Dr. Lou’s kitchen is a mix of practicality, health and pleasure. Recipes are diverse and random-ish. There will be lots of Indian and Chinese food, as that’s what I enjoy the most. but Danish ebelskiver and Romanian mititei and Salata de Vinete (eggplant spread) are on the docket as well. Over the next year you will be exposed to many of my regular recipes. My defaults. After year one, I plan on pushing the limits a bit by integrating and expanding what I cook and eat regularly. I will then share it with you.

Dr. Lou’s Kitchen was an idea I had 15 years ago when I graduated from Chiropractic school. YOUTUBE is the perfect means to achieving my goal of sharing my food with others. If you like it, share it. Spread the word to your friends and tell them to watch and subscribe to my channel. There’s nowhere for my recipes to go but up, and they are already pretty great! I want everyone in Maine to follow my channel!

Good bye overhyped restaurants using mediocre ingredients! Hello cook at home with the best you can buy while learning how to enjoy food, friends and family from the kitchen!