Uber Driver With Back Pain & Headaches

Are you an uber or lyft driver suffering in pain? Try these pain relief and prevention methods!

Are you an uber or lyft driver suffering in pain? Try these pain relief and prevention methods!

5 Prevention Strategies And Solutions

Dear Dr. Lou,

I drive for Uber and Lyft full time, it’s a great job, but my back is killing me and I have recently started having headaches. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Andrew T. 

Dr. Lou’s Solution

Andrew’s problem of back pain and headaches while driving for a living is more common than most people think. Historically truck drivers and cab drivers have had a lot of back and nerve pain, sometimes so severe that it forces a career change.

From the standpoint of prevention and self-care, there is a lot that can be done in a short period of time, without causing much disruption to your busy driving schedule.

  1. Take regular breaks – Short ones.  Get out of the car, walk and jump around, get back in the car, get back to work. Sitting still for too long is bad. If your car is empty and stopped, get out for 1-2 minutes and move. This is great for prevention and relief.
  2. Heat your seat. If you have heated seats, use them! Heat relaxes muscle and your mind and is a good preventive and relief producing tool.
  3. Stretch. Stretch your neck at stop signs or any other safe time. Stretching your neck relieves accumulated driving tension that settles in your neck and leads to tension headaches. Stretching is a great preventive and therapy tool.
  4. Adjust your seat. Drivers often find relief by adjusting their seat position. Just like with ergonomics at an office desk, proper position in your car is critical to reducing wear and tear on your spine, hips, neck, head, and shoulders. Dr. Lou’s office at 138 St. John Street in Portland, Maine is home of the “Drive-through ergonomic evaluation for drivers.”
  5. Exercise. Strengthening your back, neck, shoulders and core muscles will help you improve resilience while driving. Being stronger will reduce wear and tear as well as vulnerability. This too is a great preventive and treatment tool. Consult your chiropractor for exercises best suited for protecting your body while on the job.

Dr. Lou has been a chiropractor for nearly 20 years. He loves to drive and loves cars, but also loves working with people who depend on driving for their living and for their family’s financial stability. Call (207) 774-6251 for the next drive-through ergonomic evaluation of your driving position. There is no charge for these events, but dates and times are limited. This evaluation does not create a doctor-patient relationship at our office.