Family Chiropractic Clinic “Must Haves”.

There are several things a family chiropractic clinic should have to be truly family oriented in Portland, Maine. Below is that list.


1. Coffee and Tea for all adults and parents.


2. Snacks for kids. If a child has to wait, they should not go hungry.


3. Changing table. A family chiropractic clinic without a changing table is neglecting a very important segment of the family population. Everyone needs to feel clean.


4. Pregnancy adjusting table. Pregnancy chiropractic requires some special tools to best accommodate moms. It’s a comfort and safety issue.


5. Kids Room. A chiropractor for kids who doesn’t have a kids room, is generally someone who doesn’t specialize in pediatric chiropractic. If you don’t specialize in kids, how can you be a family chiropractor? A kids room may even double as a breast feeding room if moms are more comfortable with privacy. Our office has an open breastfeeding policy where moms choose where they want to feed their children and their wishes override all others.


6. Paperwork from home. Any pregnancy chiropractor worth their weight in diapers will help moms by having online paperwork that is easily done at home. Sitting in a waiting room to fill out paperwork while pregnant or with a young child can be miserable. At home on the couch with a tea is where paperwork should be done.


7. Special Training. A chiropractor in Portland, Maine should be fully trained by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. The ICPA has the most thorough pediatric chiropractic training in the world and this should be expected of your family chiropractor or kids chiropractor.


8. Television. That’s right, if your husband is waiting for you and doesn’t want to miss the game, being able to catch a few minutes on the lounge tv makes everyone’s lives a lot easier. Questionable? Yes. We’re not here to judge, but the importance of 5 minutes of golf on TV is equally questionable. Our goal is for you to get your adjustment. If we have to calm dad and the kids with a little “Paw Patrol”, we’ll do it.


9. Private treatment rooms. Private treatment rooms should always be an option for patients. While open areas are great for adjusting and feeling like you are part of the action, privacy should also be respected.


10. Experience. Your family chiropractic office should have experienced doctors and staff ready to assist you with any issues at any time.


10.5. Reviews. Your peers can help you find the right chiropractic doctor for you!


Dr. Lou Jacobs - Family Chiropractic Clinic. Portland, Maine (207) 774-6251

Dr. Lou Jacobs – Family Chiropractic Clinic. Portland, Maine (207) 774-6251