The cost of the best pillow does not necessarily equate to a more supportive or better functioning pillow. More money doesn’t mean better.

IF you sleep on your stomach, a thin pillow will be the best pillow. But you should know, this is the worst sleep position for your neck, head and shoulders. Stomach sleeping wrinkles your face, twists your neck and spine, puts pressure on spinal nerves and often leads to headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and even numbness in the arms.

IF you are a side sleeper, a big square pillow that spans the distance from the bed to your ear, with your neck remaining straight, is the way too go! These pillows are expected to hold your head in a straight, neutral position when you are on your side in a fetal position. If you head is propped too far up or sinks down too far, the pillow is not what is best for your side sleeping position.

The Best Option!

IF you sleep on your back, a size appropriate contour pillow, memory foam or not, will support your neck and promote a good night of sleep. Sleeping on your back is the BEST POSITION, and if you need help learning how to sleep on your back, visit Dr. Lou’s youtube channel “Mainechiropractor” and search for the back sleeping video. These pillows should not have to cost a fortune. Once you find a good quality pillow, it’s the structure and function that is most important.