Fitbit, Sleep and Chiropractic


Many of our patients are now wearing a Fitbit 24/7. Based on online research, the accuracy of the Fitbit flex, it’s accuracy is within about 10.3%.



We have patients seeking help with a wide variety of complaints and conditions. Some patients mention sleep issues at their initial intake examination. Within the past month, we’ve started noticing a trend that appears to be measurable (within 10.3%) that is exciting to our patients. Patients wearing their Fitbit to bed have begun reporting that the device is showing improved sleep patterns since the beginning of their treatment.



Is your Fitbit reporting a lot of movement while you sleep?



Is your Fitbit reporting frequent waking up at night?



Would you consider your sleep to be “restless”?



With the help of your Fitbit and your adjustments, we should be able to track your progress. Because sleep issues are so prevalent and so many would like to sleep better, knowing that your chiropractic treatment is likely improving your sleep will be a powerful tool for you to get drug free help for your sleep issues.



We don’t treat sleep disorders. We identify subluxation and work to remove harmful interference to your nervous system that creates unrest in your body. Physical, chemical and emotional changes may occur for reasons of a disrupted nervous system. Chiropractic focuses on optimizing nervous system function so that your brain and nerves control, regulate and heal your body at an optimal level.



Your Fitbit and chiropractic adjustments may have more value than you thought!


Dr. Lou Jacobs - Chiropractor - Portland, Maine, U.S.A - Bucharest, Romania

Dr. Lou Jacobs – Chiropractor – Portland, Maine, U.S.A – Bucharest, Romania