Have you seen the CHIROVAN?

If you see it, take a picture, share it, hashtag it! #chirovan

If you see it, take a picture, share it, hashtag it! #chirovan

While chiropractic is one of the largest healthcare professions in the United States, many people still don’t utilize the non invasive, drug free, vitalistic and quality of life improving adjustments at one of the many great chiropractic offices in Maine. With opioid addiction and death on the rise, there’s never been a better time to utilize chiropractic care for neuromusculoskeletal problems as well as improving over all health by correcting vertebral subluxation that leads to decreased brain and nerve control, regulation and healing of the entire body.

Your body, in the absence of nerve interference, will function better than with nerve interference. It’s not rocket science, it’s medical science!

Even The American College of Physicians is recommending the likes of Chiropractic and Acupuncture before using pain killers like those causing such trouble for so many people (opioids).

The CHIROVAN is a reminder to all of our Maine neighbors that there is a better way, a better long term and short term solution as well as one without side effects. Chiropractic has been proven extremely safe since it’s beginning in 1895.

The CHIROVAN, when spotted around Maine, should be photographed and shared (#chirovan). By dropping hints about the value of chiropractic, this slow drip of reminders will remind people to try chiropractic first.

Chiropractic addresses underlying issues.

Chiropractic is drug free.

Chiropractic is safe & efficient.

Chiropractic is covered by insurance and otherwise affordable.

Chiropractic helps with pain but more importantly improves function and corrects underlying spine, nerve and whole body problems.

Chiropractic unleashes your body’s ability to heal, regulate and control itself through optimal brain communication throughout your entire nervous system and body.

Chiropractic is safe for kids and pregnant moms. www.icpa4kids.org

#chirovan for a healthier Maine!