Heathy Gardening in Maine
There is something truly beautiful in growing and eating food that you have taken the time and care to help survive and thrive. The connection to the earth becomes strong and rooted. Like many other activities worth doing, gardening can be taxing on the body as well. Injuries can occur while digging in the dirt. Here are five tips to lessen your risk of aquiring one:
1. Wear gloves to avoid cuts and scrapes, and to prevent bacteria and fungus that live in the soil from entering a wound.
2. Use tools with thick, padded handles to protect the smaller joints in your hands. Hold your wrist in a straight position to help prevent wrist and forearm injuries.
3. Use padding, a gardening stool, or bench instead of bearing all your weight on your knees, to lessen the pressure on your knee joints.
4. Use both hands while lifting and alternate hands on more repetitive tasks.
5. Take a break every hour or so, stretch, and switch to an activity that uses different parts of the body.
Dr. Lou Jacobs, a chiropractor in Portland, Maine helps dozens of people each year who have suffered injuries while gardening.    Dr. Lou will answer your questions, solve your problems and listen to you.  Call Dr. Lou, he will listen.  (207) 774-6251.