Resolution of Hip Pain With An Understanding of Anatomy and Physiology

Resolution of hip pain is very dependent on a level of competence in anatomy and physiology. Sounds simple but the sacro-iliac joint is often mistaken for the hip, leading to all kinds of confusion and poor results.


What does a Portland chiropractor do for your hip pain?
The first thing a chiropractor for hip pain does is identify if it is hip pain or sacro-iliac joint (SIJ) pain.  (follow the link to a video!)


If the pain is actual hip pain, the chiropractor will evaluate the patient to determine which adjustment will help the hip problem resolve with the greatest ease. If no adjustment will help, the chiropractor will likely send the patient to another doctor or physical therapist who may be able to help. Ellie had hip pain before a half marathon, watch her testimonial!


Acupuncture is also extremely effective for reducing pain in the hip joint.


If the pain is coming from the Sacro-iliac joint, the chiropractor will evaluate the joint for subluxation, or misalignment that causes interference to the nerve leading to dysfunction and even pain. If subluxation is identified, gentle adjustments to reposition the joint and remove nerve dysfunction will be performed. Once the joint is stable, the pain and dysfunction should be a thing of the past.




Hip Pain Solutions in Portland, Maine (207) 774-6251

Hip Pain Solutions in Portland, Maine (207) 774-6251