How to reduce muscle strain pain in 30 seconds or less.

This pro-tip  is free for the taking!

I have a method that I use when I have strained a muscle. Sometimes it happens when you move the wrong way, sleep on a bad pillow, or lift something too heavy. You feel your muscle start to seize, it’s tight and pinchy, may feel like a nerve, but one thing is for sure, It’s going to ruin your day.

When you have this feeling, my recommendation is simple. If you don’t feel it is a medical emergency, then follow the steps below or just watch the video below:

  1. find the nearest object you can pick up that is solid, won’t break, and has a rounded edge. A golf ball, a cane, a wooden spoon or even a tennis ball will work. If all else fails, use a thumb.
  2. Locate the epicenter of the muscle strain and pain.
  3. Take your round object and apply firm, static pressure to the epicenter of the pain for 20-30 seconds
    Release the pressure. Gently test for mobility by moving slightly.
  4. Repeat if necessary

While it is not unusual to have to repeat this 3-5 times, typically what you will notice will be a substantial reduction of tension and pain. You may also feel better mobility, and ultimately a quicker recovery. The idea here is to “Force the muscle to settle down.” It’s almost like you are trying to suffocate the spasm, the epicenter of the strain and pain. You’ll actually feel it start to settle down.

I recognize that you’ll have little to compare the results to. Over the past 20 years I have recommended this technique and those people who have used it, report that it reduced the incident of pain and immobility when compared to previous episodes in the same area. Intensity of pain, duration of pain, and return to normal activities all improve.

If you start to feel bruised, or actually bruise, you’ve gone too far. Take a break for a couple days and reach out to me for advice for next time.

Best of luck and let me know your experience with this!
~Dr. Lou