Using a foam roller on the muscles of your back is good.

We humans are just like pasta dough. The more we knead and roll ourselves out, the softer and more adaptable we become.  (Learn how to make pasta dough with Dr. Lou)

The majority of our patients have extremely tight muscles alongside the spine. Typically, the only way for them to make headway on “paraspinal muscle tension” is to get very frequent massages or to do something at home, like use a foam roller on a daily basis.  A quick stretch or massage a month is not going to do the trick. Muscle tone doesn’t change that easily, particularly when your daily activities are contributing to the tension in the first place (work, childcare, etc).


What does using a foam roller do for you?

Using a foam roller improves blood flow to the muscle, tenderizes and loosens the muscle, it improves flexibility and reduces the risk of injury. It only takes a few minutes a day and it may have a profound impact on the health of the muscles of your back. But for the cost of the roller, it’s free.

What does using a foam roller potentially protect you against?

Using a foam roller also reduces the likelihood that you’ll need muscle relaxants for your back. Some of the popular muscle relaxants cause sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction! Not having to take flexeril because you are foam rolling could reduce your risk of poor performance! With the foam roller, you’ll be less likely to need pain killers like ibuprofen and aleve, which have been show to increase your risk of heart attack and stroke (HARVARD). You will also be less vulnerable to injuries that could take you out of work, make you miss a vacation or make you miss out on fun with your loved ones or friends.

Something as simple as regular foam rolling could dramatically improve your quality of life while reducing the risk of decreased quality of life! It’s a win, win, win, win!

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