Jewish Doctors and Christmas – Portland, Maine

Nothing is worse than waking up on Christmas morning with your kids reeling to open presents, excitement is high and you can’t move.  You are only 40 years old and you feel like you’re 95.

Here’s the bad news.  Christmas is going to be a bit less wild this year.  No climbing the Christmas tree or body surfing in the snow bank after your egg nog party.  You may be best off moving slowly, doing some Christmas yoga and indulging in a LITTLE liquid muscle relaxant.  You won’t be able to test drive your kids new skates or skis with them, but you’ll be able to use (from the sideline) the new telephoto lens you got from your lovey.

The good news is that there are Jewish doctors who are happy to be at work or on call for Christmas.  The Chinese food and  movie tradition, as glamorous as it sounds, pales in comparison to helping those in need.  The good thing about seeing a doctor who isn’t worried about missing the holiday with their family is that they’ll be focused on you.  Research has probably shown that doctors who are distracted by holidays and the like are more likely to screw up and leave a sponge in your abdomen after an appendectomy.

If you have a non emergency Christmas day-threatening episode of back pain, neck pain or headache call Portland, Maine’s on call Jewish Chiropractor for immediate help, Dr. Lou Jacobs.  He’ll see you after an accident as well.  (207) 774-6251

Christmas Doctor Portland, Maine (207) 774-6251

Christmas Doctor Portland, Maine (207) 774-6251. The office is not open on Christmas, but Dr. Lou is willing to help if you need him.