Life keeps coming, even during school vacation.

The most important thing to your children, is your health.

So often, even in the absence of travel, people take breaks from healthy activity because their kids are on vacation. Everyone understands that time is more of an issue if you are used to them being in school from 8-3, but is this an excuse of “average” or one that can be overridden with action, and by doing so, you become a 1% action taker with no chance of failure.

School Vacation doesn't mean a vacation from taking care of your health...or does it?

School Vacation doesn’t mean a vacation from taking care of your health…or does it?

Health is somewhat binary, you either do healthy things or you don’t. Yes, sometimes taking a week off is ¬†acceptable if you have excellent momentum and are far too overwhelmed by your kids being home from school vacation. That said though, what is preventing you from taking your kids on a walk, taking them to your chiropractic visit, or taking them shopping for healthy food? Kids learn by watching us. If we “let things go” because we are on vacation, our kids will likely do the same. If we don’t make time for that which is most important, our health, our kids will learn that from us as well. It’s arguably MOST important to be healthy when our kids are on school vacation.

The most important thing to your children, is your health. Without you, they are strays. They need your guidance, your support, your stability, your presence in health. The 30 minutes it takes each day for you to create better health in your life is far more valuable to you kids than the 30 minutes of extra lego time on top of the rest of the day of quality time.

If you needed a plan, a schedule, a prescription for care of issues related to your health, they don’t go on vacation. “You can’t heal in the same environment that created the problems“. If you had a bottle of pills for an infection would you stop taking them because of a vacation? Hardly. Health isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it. Skipping your adjustment because your kids are on vacation is selling you all short. Missing 100% of your care for the school vacation week, unless you are simply away, is a bad idea. It slows progress, may lead to worsening problems and requires “catch up care” when you return the next week.

Make time for yourself, cultivate health for your life and for your kids. It should be easier during school vacation than at any other time, and if it’s not, it’s still worth it.