Are you concerned about your child being on ADHD medication for the rest of their life?

Is your child taking medication for ADD or ADHD and you don’t want them on the drugs? Does your child have medically diagnosed ADD or ADHD? Did you know that the part of the brain that regulates emotion, insight, empathy, intuition, communication and body language is affected by chiropractic care? It’s called the Prefrontal Cortex. Kids with ADD and ADHD respond well to chiropractic care. NOT for back pain, instead, their brain responds to chiropractic adjustments! It’s like a brain “re-boot” much like when you reboot your computer to make it run smoother.


Creative ideas for helping your kids not need a lifetime of ADHD medications.

Creative ideas for helping your kids not need a lifetime of ADHD medications.


Experts Say ADHD Is A Lifelong Condition. 

We often complain about “having” to do things for the rest of our lives. Working out, brushing our teeth, paying taxes. What if your child starts a medication and it changes their brain chemistry to the extent that they can’t chemically come off of the medication later in life. This often happens with anti anxiety medications, anti depressants, and other medications started at an early age. The NIH says “in general, we haven’t really found any adverse effect of long-term use.” In general? Haven’t really? Have you even studied people who have taken modern ADHD drugs their entire lives? What constitutes an “entire life?”

If you want to try natural methods to manage your child’s ADHD, ADD and prefrontal cortex function, without the use of mind altering drugs, you may want to consider chiropractic care for your child.

Dr. Lou Jacobs is a Portland, Maine Chiropractor and board certified pediatric chiropractor. He works with children every day. His chiropractic office is located on St. John Street in Portland, Maine. You wouldn’t take your child to a general practitioner for childhood issues unless you couldn’t find a pediatrician. Why would you take your child to anyone but a board certified pediatric chiropractor?