Chiropractic may help your ADHD child.

Have you been told that your child has ADD or ADHD? We help children with ADHD. Here’s how. There is growing medical evidence that chiropractic adjustments directly impact the parts of the brain related to mood, social interactions, attention, focus, self regulation, organization of thoughts, cause and effect, and a number of other functions and processes that are not considered normal in children with ADHD, even Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Parents, here’s the science behind it.

In 2016, in the journal Annals of Neuroscience, a study was published showing that the part of the nervous system that is disrupted in kids with ADHD is quantifiably dysfunctional. This is the autonomic nervous system. “The autonomic nervous system plays a vital role in attention, self regulation, emotional stability and social affiliation, which are affected in ADHD. The prefrontal cortex, which is vital for attention, motor control, emotional regulation and higher order autonomic control, is hypo (less) functional in ADHD.”  (Link to the research)

Also in 2016, in the journal Neural Plasticity, research was published on the effect of chiropractic adjustments and the the effect on sensory motor integration in the prefrontal cortex. The results showed a direct impact of the adjustments on the somatosensory processing of the prefrontal cortex. The conclusion of the abstract says “A single session of spinal manipulation of dysfunctional segments in subclinical pain patients alters somatosensory processing at the cortical level, particularly within the prefrontal cortex.”  (link to the research)

The science backs up what chiropractors have known for decades. Chiropractic adjustments impact the part of the brain and nervous system that helps kids, and families with kids, who suffer from ADD and ADHD.

Dr. Lou is a board certified pediatric chiropractor. Evaluations are thorough, treatments are gentle, extremely safe, and effective.