Maine nurses are the superglue of Maine’s healthcare system.

I am forever grateful for all that you do.

I want to care for you the same way you care for your patients.

With love, empathy, experience, strategy, and the attention that you deserve.

In 2010 and 2011, I lost my mum to Inflammatory Breast Cancer, then my father to Leukemia. When my parents were hospitalized at the end of their lives, I’ll never, ever, forget the attention, compassion, and professionalism the nurses that cared for them displayed. I value the work that nurses do at the very top of the healthcare food chain.

Out of appreciation for Maine nurses, and to honor my mum’s love of cooking, our office will be doubling down on our welcome jar gift of my marinara sauce. All nurses who become new patients between now and July 31, will receive 2 jars of my spicy marinara sauce at their first visit. Twice as much sauce for 100x more stress and hard working conditions they’ve been exposed to the past few months (and always). Nurses are the hearts, minds, and muscles of the hospitals. They deserve our respect and support. They deserve to eat well too.  With “Dr. Lou’s Marinara Sauce”, we can guarantee a healthy, easy addition to any meal, with limited effort for the tired, achy hands, feet, and minds of our Maine nurses. 

Here’s how it works!

Refer a nurse to our office and they will receive TWO jars of marinara.  When they give your name as the referral source, YOU will receive a jar of marinara too! If you happen to be a nurse yourself, you’ll get two jars too! Referrals must come to their first appointment. It’s as simple as that. This offer runs through the last day of July, 2020, or until marinara supplies run out. Because I work just as hard in my kitchen as as I do on your health, the likelihood of running out of Marinara is next to zero.

Our office is the ONLY office in the world that gives every new patient marinara sauce at their first visit!