Pain Can Be Deceiving

Nearly every European patient that I see or have seen have x-ray, MRI, or CT scans. Patients come in with a variety of complaints ranging from foot pain from running to hemi-paralysis from a live polio vaccine at age 1 1/2. I came to an interesting conclusion after my latest trip. Symptoms and underlying problems don’t always match up.

People with no pain have major underlying issues on MRI that are just waiting to manifest. Herniated discs, massive osteophytes and degeneration, compressed vertebrae, flattened discs, none of which they were feeling at the time of their checkup. Others came in with tremendous pain and discomfort and their xray, MRI and CT scans showed nothing. Surface EMG (sEMG) and spinal nerve thermography did show tremendous dysfunction in some of those cases.


Bottom line. Pain can be deceiving. It can also be caused my something minor or you can have a major problem with no pain at all. In either case, it’s good to know what is going on in your body and have time to correct things for a healthier, happier future.


Spinal hygiene and maintenance, whether we like it or not, is critical for a future of mobility and decreased risk of debilitating pain and dysfunction. There’s no time like the present to be evaluated for harmful spinal subluxation. I.D. it now and look forward to a healthier future!


Dr. Lou Jacobs practices in Portland, Maine, USA and Bucuresti, Romania where patients come from all over the country to consult and seek care for better spinal health.


Pain can be deceiving - Portland, Maine | Bucuresti, Romania.

Pain can be deceiving – Portland, Maine | Bucuresti, Romania.