Pediatric Chiropractic In Maine

More and more parents are turning to natural alternatives to medicine and drugs when it comes to their children’s health.  Portland, Maine has become an east coast hub for great food, great outdoors, great music and great healthcare. Parents looking for more than a damage control, child medicating approach to caring for their children will be happy to learn that vitalistic healthcare is alive and well in Portland, Maine.


While there are currently less than a dozen chiropractic specialists in Portland, Maine, there are a few criteria that you can look for that may help you decide which office to choose.


Does the chiropractor have children themselves?


Has the chiropractor completed training with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association?


Does the chiropractor have a long history of treating children and how many do they see each week?


Do they have an environment that is low stress for parents and children?


Does their staff have experience with children?


Does the doctor have reasonable cash rates for wellness visits?


Does the doctor moonlight as a balloon animal sculptor, do magic tricks and donate time, money and balloon skills to charitable organizations that benefit children?


If the office checks out well regarding these criteria, you may have found the chiropractor for your children.  Experience and training count.


Pediatric Chiropractic Portland, Maine

Pediatric Chiropractic Portland, Maine