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Life in Portland, Maine has begun to revert back to the days of quality.  People are realizing the value of “old school”.  Farmers markets are everywhere and the people of Portland, Maine are looking for quality over quantity.  They want grassroots solutions to modern day problems.  The use their educated outlook to find what is best and take initiative when it come to their own health.




I have been in Bucharest, Romania for the past four weeks visiting family and decompressing.  People here are looking for the same things that we are.  Organic food and a healthier lifestyle that promotes life and prevents the need for interventional medicine.




Chiropractic began in America in 1895, when medical doctors were still cutting hair and performing bloodletting procedures. Today, American medicine is wonderful for interventions after an accident and other emergency medical procedures.  That said, the health of our country continues to decline.  American medicine is fixated on damage control and cures.  Chiropractic in America today, in the right office, is focused on health promotion, prevention and the optimization of an incredible body system that is the greatest healer of all.  You realize, American medicine has no cure for the common cold but your body is responsible for fighting and curing you every time you get sick and then better.  Research at The University of Chicago showed that chiropractic treatments lower blood pressure in a reproducible and predictable way.




Chiropractic diagnostic tools are high tech.  Dr. Lou Jacobs’ Chiropractic treatments are old school, natural, without negative side effects and with predictable outcomes.  If you’ve wondered why America is so sick, it’s because we’ve lost sight of common sense and old school preventive measures and pro active, healthy lifestyles.  Since 1895 Chiropractic care has improved immunity, lowered blood pressure, improved mobility, reduced pain and inflammation, taken pressure off nerves so your body runs more efficiently and a whole lot more.  All this translates into you being able to play more golf, carry more grandchildren, run more marathons, play more


Dr. Lou Jacobs - Chiropractor in Portland, Maine- Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach. (207) 807-1119. Old School Chiropractor.

Dr. Lou Jacobs Chiropractor in Portland, Maine – Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach. (207) 807-1119. Old School Chiropractor.