The last place you want to be during pregnancy is in a facility that cares for sick people.

According to a study published in MMWR, pregnant women with COVIID-19 are more likely to be hospitalized and are at increased risk of admission to the ICU for mechanical ventilation, than non-pregnant women.

The moral of the story?

Don’t get COVID-19 while pregnant.

When you are pregnant, you are not only caring for yourself and your family but for the baby on the way. The consequence of COVID-19 on pregnancy is not yet fully understood.   Maybe your kids are back in school and run the risk of bringing home COVID?

Pregnant during COVID-19. 3 things to avoid/do.

Pregnant during COVID-19. 3 things to avoid/do.

CDC Back To School Decision Making Help For Parents and Guardians.

How do you limit your risk of contracting COVID-19 while pregnant? It’s nothing you haven’t heard before.

  1. PROBIOTIC – Supplement with probiotics. They help build your immune system.
  2. MASK UP – Always wear a mask in public.
  3. AVOID SICK CLINICS – Unless unavoidable, avoid clinics that see sick people. If your back hurts, before going to the ER, Urgent Care, or Convenient MD, consider going to a chiropractic office with a controlled environment, that doesn’t work with sick people.

What are some common issues while pregnant that may not require a visit to an office that cares for sick people?

Morning sickness

Pubic bone pain



Insomnia/bad sleep

Neck pain/stiffness


Tail bone pain

These issues, among many others, may be carefully evaluated and addressed by a chiropractor, with less risk than a medical doctor in a facility that works with sick people.

**According to  the CDC,  newborns can be infected with COVID-19 after being in close contact with an infected person.

** Preterm (premature) births have been reported in pregnant moms who tested positive for COVID-19, though the verdict is still out on whether they are related. There are still many unknowns related to pregnancy and COVID-19.

Don't panic or worry, just do due diligence!

Don’t panic or worry, just do due diligence!

The Moral of the story?

Be very careful.  Avoid People. Avoid “Sick Care” facilities.


Dr. Lou Jacobs is board certified in Perinatal & Pediatric Chiropractic and maintains an extremely clean, extremely safe office environment in Portland, Maine. Special appointments for pregnant moms are available upon request if extra caution is desired.