Don’t Sleep Like A Rock Star


Don’t sleep like a rock star, sleep like they would want to be sleeping, like that of a mere mortal.  Many tour buses have one queen size bed, not enough for an entire band or even half a band.  Tour buses are also equipped with smaller than a twin size mattress bunks that run parallel to the direction of the bus.  Cramped, guarded sleeping leads to issues.  Worn out old mini mattresses lead to issues.



One of the most common complaints I hear from traveling musicians is that the beds on the bus are terrible. It is very difficult to comfortably sleep in the coffin like bunks.  1-2 day breaks from touring allow for overnights in hotels but the bus is the primary home for the months spent on the road.



One of the reasons I am most often called in to treat musicians is for aches related to poor sleep.  Poor sleep equals poor performance and they know it.  Because their livelihood depends on great performances, touring musicians will often call on me prior to injury or pain because they know that the beds, among other stressors of being on the road, will lead to problems.  Much like new parents, touring musicians understand the value of sleep.  I recently worked with a band who’s lead singer has a young child who stayed up the entire night before that days show.  They stayed up all night too and then struggled to sleep while bouncing around in a bus.



Does your livelihood depend on your performance?  For most of us it does.  Live like a rock star and do your best to prevent issues before the issues impact your work and your passion.  Have you ever been sick and said to yourself “If only I were better, I’d exercise and eat right, really get myself into shape.  I wish I could work out right now!”  If you’ve had this conversation with yourself then prevention is right for you.  If you don’t let issues become problems you never have to wish they’d go away!  Don’t sleep like a rock star, sleep how rock stars wish they were sleeping – in a comfortable bed.


Don't Sleep Like A Rockstar. Call Dr. Lou (207) 774-6251

Don’t Sleep Like A Rockstar. Call Dr. Lou (207) 774-6251