Speed Hump Risks

Don’t Get injured by a speed hump.

(Warning: Mature Content)

Speed Hump injuries are more common than you might think. Don't get embarrassed, get help. Call Dr. Lou (207) SPINAL-1

Speed Hump injuries are more common than you might think. Don’t get embarrassed, get help. Call Dr. Lou (207) SPINAL-1

It is what you think it is.

Excited, sometimes careless, sometimes aggressive physical activity can lead to inconvenient injuries.

The Brief Story of Mrs. M

In 2002 upon graduation, I worked at a clinic in Kansas City, Missouri. One of my first patients had, you guessed it, an intimacy injury. After she described the “mechanism” of injury, helping her recover was easier.

Don’t be embarrassed. (Mrs. M wasn’t)

They happen more often than you might think. While they may be embarrassing to consider discussing with your doctor, the intimate details are less important than the big picture. You don’t need to give us a play by play recap. Not seeking help though, for fear of the “discussion,” is unnecessary and a bad decision.

Doctors of all kinds have heard it all before. Since 2002 and Mrs. M’s story and moderately clear description of what occurred to cause her low back injury, I have heard about every sexual position being part of the “crime” that caused the pain. Believe it or not, we deal with these discussions regularly.


While low back and hip pain are most common, shoulder pain and neck pain also come in as the top five reasons people come in after a roll in the hay. Headaches, believe it or not, are also somewhat common. Exertion or orgasm headaches are also more common than you might think, often leading to great stress in an intimate relationship.


*Musculoskeletal injuries in the sack are common.
*Don’t be embarrassed, get help or it could worsen.
*Serious injuries can occur, but more often than not, they are sprain-strain injuries of the muscles.
*It’s ok to get wild and careless, but remember your history. If you have serious injuries or issues, you may want to find a way that safely accommodates your desires and fetishes without compromising your body. (Example: herniated disc, whiplash, pre-existing pain)
*If you injury yourself, or someone else, don’t let the problem sink it’s nails into, it becomes harder to get them out, harder to get better quickly. Get help, get strong, and get a plan for preventing future bedtime blowouts!

Dr. Lou Jacobs is a chiropractor-acupuncturist in Portland, Maine. His office, Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture opened in 2003. He specializes in the perinatal and pediatric chiropractic, musician’s injuries and health, as well as the “strange and unusual” cases and people who need concierge attention.