The Best Sports Injury Chiropractor In Portland, Maine Treats Fewer Injured Players Than Healthy Ones.


Wouldn’t you agree that the best cardiologist prevents heart disease instead of giving pills to treat heart disease? Isn’t the best golfer not the one who can get out of a sand trap easiest, but rather, never end up there in the first place?


The best sports injury chiropractor is the one who helps athletes be as strong and healthy as possible and PREVENTS injury. They are able to reduce risk, improve agility and stability, strength and speed.


The best sports injury chiropractor is the one who teaches the athlete how to reduce risk of injury. They understand specific movements of different sports as well as the risks associated with playing.  Based on this knowledge, the sports injury chiropractor is able to create a plan of action designed to minimize low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica pain, headache pain. These pains lead to less time on the field, court, mats or otherwise.  Nothing is worse than being injured and on the side line.  A sports injury chiropractor clinic should not try to replace the orthopedists office, in fact, they should work together.  Any time injuries can be treated effectively without the use of drugs or surgery, the chiropractor should step in.


Here’s the big question…. Does going to the chiropractor give you an advantage over other athletes and help reduce risk of injury? Ask Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, dozens of NFL teams and other athletes at the top of their games. Yes, Yes, Yes.



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