Stress Makes You Fat – Cortisol


The last think most people want when they are trying to lose weight is having the cards stacked even higher against them.  Mental stress increases cortisol levels in your body.  Increased stress and cortisol levels do the following and really need no explanation:


1.  Slows Metabolism


2. Increases Cravings


3. Increases Blood Sugar – Leading to hyperglycemia, diabetes and even heart attacks.


4. Increases Fat Storage


5. Increases Emotional Eating


6. Increases your sense of “being too busy” (excuses)


7.  Increases likelihood you’ll eat fast food.  If you are too busy to cook, you’ll search for quick fixes like a big mac.



Get help.  If you wereable to manage stress on your own, you would have already done it.  A “stress consultation” with a professional will help you organize thoughts and behaviors in such a way to reduce stress and impact your weight in a healthy way.


Stress Keeping You Fat? Call for a "Stress Consultation" (207) 774-6251 - Portland, Maine

Stress Keeping You Fat? Call for a “Stress Consultation” (207) 774-6251 – Portland, Maine