The Value Of “No”

Weight Loss in Portland, Maine – U.S.A.


There is great value in the use of “NO” when you are trying to lose weight.  Below are a few of the most important that when applied in an appropriate and timely fashion, they will get you closer to “YES! You achieved your goal”.

1. You are putting yourself first.  Putting yourself first, as selfish as it sounds, is an important step in weight loss.  It doesn’t mean you’ll neglect others, it simply means that you are not going to let others get in your way.  It is an empowering step on the way to your goal.

2. You are not accumulating.  Some people “Hoard” obligations.  Don’t collect a bunch of responsibilities and obligations that will bog you down and disperse your focus.  Choose a few good things to say “YES” to and don’t spread yourself too thin.

3. You are taking swift action.  Saying no often means saving time.  If it feels like a bad idea, it probably is.  Say no when you mean to say no, not maybe or I’ll get back to you on that.  If you know your answer, say it and save time. Spend that time doing sit-ups.

4. You are empowering yourself.  Being in control and making decisions is empowering.

5. You are sending a message to the universe. Your message to the universe is that you have very important goals and missions and you cannot be distracted if you want to rise to the top of your game.  You are on a path to success and the universe needs to know what is at the end of that path.

6. You are keeping room for focused action.  By saying no, you leave space open for tremendous opportunity should they arise.  Your seat on the board of the styrofoam boat builders association of periwinkle township in northern Maine may prevent you from jumping on a plane to go meet the president of France.

7. You are putting a value on your time.  Saying no means that your time is valuable.  If you can say yes to everything it speaks volumes about your value in other areas of your existence.  Being able to prioritize your involvement in “projects” tells others that you and your time are valuable

8.  You are telling those around you that you are on a mission.  Other people will come to understand your primary mission, your true desires and your plan to get there.  Saying no often creates an expectation of explanation to the recipient of your denial.  This provides you with the opportunity to wow them with your mission and may lead to them helping you get there.  It often initiates a sense of accountability as well, which may help you reach your goal quicker.

Dr. Lou Jacobs - Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach. (207) 807-1119. Based in Maine, serving the world.

Dr. Lou Jacobs – Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach. (207) 807-1119. Based in Maine, serving the world.