Weight Loss Has Hidden Treasures


If you think slimming down is the greatest benefit of a weight loss program, you may want to consider the following list of cornerstone treasures that one discovers on a journey of weight loss.


1. Self Discipline – If you start with a challenging goal and achieve it, you will  understand discipline.  It is this same discipline that will help you finish graduate school, quit smoking or finish the book you are writing.


2. The value of the written word – Written goals will guide you on your way.  They will help you over obstacles and roadblocks.  They will keep you focused on the prize.  Written goals are effective in all areas of your life.


3. Love of oneself.  It takes a lot of love to work hard enough to accomplish your weight loss goals.  Once established that love will nourish you and enable you for a lifetime.


4. Organization.  The family, the job, the chores, the exercise, the food preparation, the errands.  There is a lot to juggle in life.  Adding an hour of exercise and organizing menus for yourself adds to the stress or adds to your skills of time management and planning.  If you succeed in weight loss, you’ll be more organized than when you started.  Organization improves life on a number of levels in a number of arenas.


5. Confidence.  Not only will you love yourself more, you’ll be more confident in your ability to change.  If you believe you can change, you can more easily work toward the life you dream of.


6. Respect.  You’ll learn to respect food, respect time, respect yourself and others who are helpful to you.  You’ll learn to respect things that facilitate gaining weight as well.  This respect will translate to a more aware life but will also be passed on to those around you.


7. An eye for opportunity.  The more focused and organized you become the clearer your thoughts will be.  You’ll be more mentally and physically open to opportunity, able to seize it with greater ease than before.  Some say luck is recognizing opportunity and being prepared to act.  Healthy body and mind increase your ability to recognize and react.


If you are able to understand these benefits at the beginning of your weight loss journey, you will not only see these benefits more clearly, but like a written goal, you’ll be more likely to have them manifest.


~ Dr. Lou


There's More To Weight Loss Than Weight Loss.

There’s More To Weight Loss Than Weight Loss.