Revisiting A Magical Place

Titcomb Mountain Makes Farmington, Maine Awesome


It’s been over 20 years since I’ve had a run at the hill on which I learned to ski.  I went back today with my wife and four year old to meet my good friend Bo and his daughter.  Last time Bo and I were skiing at Titcomb we were probably 16 and I’m turning 41 next week.  As I pulled up to the mountain today I recognized and remembered many things that I think are important.  I have barely been to Farmington since my father’s funeral 2.5 years ago.  The only time between then and now that I’ve been there was for the gathering to celebrate the life of Bo’s father who passed away not too long ago.  Having lost both of my parents so close together and because of some of the things that have transpired since, going back does not bring me much joy.  I’m working on it. Titcomb Mountain makes Farmington awesome.


Today was great.  I want to share a few reasons why you should ski at Titcomb Mountain in Farmington.


Titcomb is a small mountain but it has small lines.  You ski a lot in one hour.


This is an unpretentious, family oriented ski slope.  It feels safe and friendly.


For $25 our four year old got a one hour lesson from Lexie and now she can turn and stop.  It’s her second time on skis.


But for the new cars, Titcomb feels like it did 25 years ago.  T-bars and a newly (to me) added rope tow on the bunny slope are the means for climbing the mountain.

The food is cheap and good.  3 hot dogs, 2 orders of fries, a coke, kit kat, order of chicken fingers


I recognized a lot of people I knew in high school.  They were great people then and I’m sure they are great people now – you are in good company at Titcomb.


There is one picture on the way to the bathrooms in the basement of the lodge.  In that picture you will see a much younger me in the ski instructor training class that I completed as a teen.  I’m the one long bleached bangs in acid washed jeans.


The snow was great, perfect even, despite no natural accumulation in some time.


The mountain gets great sun exposure.


You feel like you are in a movie (see #4).


If like me you were raised at Titcomb during the winter months, the nostalgia it brings is simply wonderful.

I plan on returning to Titcomb with the family often.  At 90 minutes from home, it’s well worth it for the small town, local ski experience.  The red hot dogs are great too.  Season passes are very reasonably priced, kids 5 and under are free and a day pass is only $20.


Ski TItcomb in Farmington, Maine

Ski TItcomb in Farmington, Maine.
Dr. Lou