How To Avoid Travel Pain

Traveling is filled with risks for back and other types of pain. Understanding the risk factors will allow you to prepare for those you can’t avoid, and avoid those you can. Most healthy minded people like you and I, don’t want to break a healthy routine, or drug free lifestyle, just because we are traveling.

Any time you set out on a journey with pre-existing issues, your risk of problems is greater. Planning ahead is key. Even if you don’t already have injuries, issues or vulnerabilities that you know of, it’s still a great idea to plan.

Factors to Consider

What will you be driving, flying in or traveling by? Will the seats be good and with enough leg room? Will you carrying much? Does your suitcase have wheels or will you be carrying it? Will you be driving on bumpy roads or other surfaces that could be pain triggers?

On what kind of bed or surface will you be sleeping on once you arrive? Will your accommodations involve unusual or steep steps? Will you be taking the pillow you are most used to, or will you be using what you find on the bed?

Will you be lounging on the beach, or is your plan to hike ruins and have grand adventures? Of the things you will be doing, are these things you are already used to?

Don't stress out over traveling!

Your trip will be an amazing success!

How To Plan 

Take your own tools and medications with you. Having to track down just the right heat patch or medication may not be easy.

If you plan on sleeping while on the road, neck support pillows in the shape of a horse shoe are neck-savers. They make inflatable ones too! Have a peek at Dr. Lou’s Top 10 list of best tools for home back care!

Take your own pillow. If you have neck issues, headaches or any other problem that is affected by your pillow, take your own. What if you don’t have space? If you are going to a destination without extra travel once you are there, take your pillow and buy any necessary additional clothes there. If you need to buy an extra bag to bring your pillow home, it’s worth it. A week of  travel pain because of a bad pillow is a vacation spoiler.

Exercise in preparation for the trip. “Beach Body” has a number of very diversified exercise plans that will prepare your body for the physical unpredictibility of travel. This may take 4-6 weeks if you aren’t already very active, but it’s a great investment of time and energy all around.

Is your chiropractor retiring? These four steps will get you to the help you need!

Whether you are golfing, sailing, skiing or hiking, your vacation plans should NOT include Pain killers, doctors visits and travel pain!

Try to stay flexible. Stretch before, during and after driving, flying or boating. Joints throughout your body are like links in a bike chain. The longer they sit, the more they rust. Keep them moving!

Whether you are traveling for important business, or for vacation, neither will be their best if you are out of commission because of pain from traveling. A strategic travel plan for your  body will keep risk low, pain down and fun and flexibility right where you want it!

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