When will my whiplash pain disappear?

Ask Dr. Lou – Neck Pain Expert


Will your whiplash pain go away on it’s own? This depends on several factors related to you and the accident. A few of the most important questions are listed below.


– Did you have any previous injuries, problems or pain in the neck?

– How hard was your car hit?

– Were you wearing a seatbelt? Did you neck hit the door, dash, headrest or steering wheel?

– How fast were all cars moving?

– From which direction were you hit?

– How old are you?

– What is your job?

– In what position do you sleep?

– How is your overall health?

– Do you get headaches?

– Do you work at a desk?

– How is your stress level?


Whiplash pain in Portland, Maine? Get help now by calling Dr. Lou - Portland's Chiropractor. (207) 774-6151

Whiplash pain in Portland, Maine? Get help now by calling Dr. Lou – Portland’s Chiropractor. (207) 774-6151


You get the idea. Whiplash pain is always a sign that damage has been done. The extent of the damage depends on many factors and usually makes it easier to predict how long it will take of you to feel better.


Another legitimate question that you should ask is “Once I feel better, how long before proper function of my neck, head and nerves is restored to a pre-accident status?” You see, function often dictates vulnerability, health in the area of injury and potential for healing, among other things. If you are pain free but your neck function is terrible, there is a much higher likelihood that the problem will return. Hopefully it will return before you settle the personal injury claim, because once it’s closed and you receive a settlement, it’s pretty much closed for good. Ideally, you’ll feel better, function better and the problems from the accident will never return to haunt you.


Can whiplash pain disappear on it’s own? Sure. It happens all the time. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes it takes years. Sometimes it never goes away on it’s own. Pain can also disappear without function being restored. BEWARE of feeling better and neglecting function.


Imagine this, you have squeaky brakes on your car (pain) and you spray them with oil and the squeak goes away (pain is gone). You are happy. End of story. The problem is, your brakes are toast, rotors and pads are shot (functionally broken). You slam on the brakes and crash into a car in front of you (new types of pain now present, car wrecked). If your body’s function is compromised, down the road, you will be more likely to have a wrecked body and new types of pain.


SOLUTION: See a specialist who can assess you, create a pain relief and functional optimization plan to help see you through the effects of an accident. If you want this without drugs or surgery, see a chiropractor who works with people after an accident. Whiplash pain and whiplash dysfunction are correctable.