Guitar Shoulder Pain

The Career Derailer


One of the most common complaints in the guitar players I see is shoulder pain.  Pain in the left shoulder from strap strain and in the right  shoulder because of arm position and strumming repetitively.


Shoulder pain should be taken very seriously in professional musicians and those who can’t live without playing.  This is true regardless of the instrument played.  Shoulder pain and the symptoms below may lead to “frozen shoulder” or “adhesive capsulitis”, an often debilitating and very disruptive condition for musicians.  Quick and simple, you don’t want frozen shoulder so look out for the symptoms below.  Depending on their presentation and your history, these symptoms may be “pre-frozen shoulder” warning signs.
Symptoms to look out for are:






-restricted motion


-pain in the shoulder and even arm


– New shoulder discomfort and weakness after playing


If you or a member of your band is experiencing any or all of these symptoms and your livelihood or happiness depend on playing, have yourself examined by a professional who deals in the health issues of musicians.  Dr. Lou knows guitar shoulder pain.


Dr. Lou and Trey Anastasio of PHISH.  (207) 774-6251

Dr. Lou and Trey Anastasio of PHISH. (207) 774-6251