The difference between like and love will make you or break you.

What's the difference between like and love? - Call today: (207) 774-6251 - Portland, Maine

What’s the difference between like and love? – Call today: (207) 774-6251 – Portland, Maine

If you like something, you may go out of the way to get it. I’ll certainly drive to town, 15 minutes one way, to get Graeter’s Ice Cream from Whole Foods, even though there are other ice cream brands within 3 minutes of my house. I like the feeling of eating a good meal, so from time to time I’ll drop a good chunk of change on a dinner for three. I like it. It’s good.

I love my family. I will work endless hours, walk through fire and eat snake guts for them. Nothing will stop me from being there if they need me. Nothing will stop me from trying to give them a good life. This includes the necessity of me being alive and thriving in order to help and provide for them.

How do you view your health and ability to function? Do you like it or do you love it? Will it drive you to take action? It’s not really as much about health as it is your ability to have fun and love the ones you love, right? What are you willing to do to maximize your ability to love your family, nourish your friends and loved ones, play golf, waterski, travel, stand and cook in the kitchen, and the like? If you love something, nothing should stop you from trying to preserve it.

If you are having glimpses of health issues now, how do you think they’ll “pan out” if you don’t do the right things?

A: Badly.

That’s right. Badly. Life only gets easier if you do the right things. That twingy feeling in your low back is the beginning of the crack in the Hoover Dam. Get help to patch it, before it blows. Find your love and let it motivate you to do what’s needed. Don’t think about the convenience or how it might get better on it’s own. Think about your kids pushing you around in a wheel chair and your spouse helping you in the bathroom because you can’t move on your own. Better yet, think about vacationing on a sail boat in the Mediterranean in 5 years, or walking your daughter down the aisle. It’s the life that passes you by once it’s too late that matters. More often than I care to admit, people tell me if they could do it all over again, they’d just take care of their problems earlier to not end up permanently damaged. They wish they’d understood what they loved and not confused it with like. Once it’s too late, it’s too late.

Dr. Lou Jacobs is a chiropractor in Portland, Maine. He is board certified in Perinatal & Pediatric Chiropractic by The Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics of the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice (ACFP). To schedule an appointment, call (207) 774-6251