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Have you already started losing momentum with regard to your weight loss goals?  Two weeks into a new program of weight loss, it is not uncommon to begin losing steam.

It is important to evaluate 5 key considerations before getting frustrated enough that you may give up.


  1. Have you neglected to have a professional review your exercise and food plan? Having a professional review your “system” will improve your odds of doing just the right thing.  If you can do it yourself, you should be getting results by now.
  2. Are you lying to yourself? Don’t kid yourself thinking you know how weight loss works, it’s ok not to know, but you need to ask for help.  If you aren’t sure but you are telling yourself you are, you may be setting yourself up for great disappointment.
  3. Are the people around you supportive, negative or non existent? If you are not receiving helpful support, you need to find someone to help you. Dr. Lou may be able to help or find you a mentor who can help you.
  4. What do you think is lacking from your routine?  If you can acknowledge that something is lacking, we need to figure out a way to fill the void for you.  Get help or get it done on your own, NOW.
  5. Do you feel uninspired, unmotivated and challenged? 


ACT NOW!  If you feel like you are dropping the ball, get help and don’t be embarrassed about it.  If losing weight were easy, you’d already have done it.  Support is critical and extremely beneficial.  If you answered yes to any of the questions above, call Dr. Lou now, before things get rough.  There are no mistakes that cannot be corrected but you must know what to do and that is where Dr. Lou will step up and solve problems.


Teleclasses are available for additional support. Take advantage of them and check Dr. Lou’s Weight Loss Challenge on facebook often.


Losing Momentum? Weight Loss Portland, Maine - Call Dr. Lou for help at (207) 807-1119

Losing Momentum? Weight Loss Portland, Maine – Call Dr. Lou for help at (207) 807-1119