New Year Resolutions For Maine People


The most common new year resolution in Maine is to lose weight and get into shape. The problem is, only 8% of people actually succeed.  That’s right, 92% of people fail.


My name is Dr. Lou Jacobs and for the past 8 years I have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds.  I help people succeed, becoming one of the 8% who achieve their goals.


My solution to Maine’s #1 resolution? “Dr. Lou’s 2015 (and 8th annual) Weight Loss Challenge”.   Last year’s winner lost 13 lbs and won $800.  Wow.


What is it that Maine people need?  They need inspiration, education and motivation.

We provide all three.  Inspired by others who have succeeded in the past and knowing that you are involved with a successful weight loss coach and healthcare provider.  Educational opportunities and private or group coaching opportunities are available. Motivation comes from the money that will be in your pocket if you win the challenge.


It’s also a FITNESS challenge. If you are already in decent shape, you can also win some money. The winner of the “Greatest Transformation” category has the opportunity to win half of the money!


Important Dates:

Weigh in:   Friday, January 2. 8am-12pm

Weigh out: Friday, April 3. 9am-11am



138 St. John Street

Portland, Maine



Contact & More information:

Cost: $25 (Cash Only)

P: (207) 774-6251