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Thoughts on the 2014 Weight Loss Challenge

Basically one big downer, but it’s the truth and it could help you win next year.

On the eve of the “Weigh Out” of my annual weight loss challenge, I thought I would share with you some of the things that sabotage weight loss success and things you can learn from the mistakes of others involved in the 2014 challenge.  Mistakes are what help us grow if we are open and enlightened enough to realize that failure is an opportunity to succeed, great good can come of a less than ideal attempt at reaching your goals..  After reading this, ask yourself how you will respond to some of the observations I’ve posted here.


The first thing that I’ve learned is that those who sign up for my weight loss challenge (WLC) but don’t sign up for the classes, typically fail and never show up at the weigh out.


People who sign up have the best intentions and some motivation but it’s hard to sustain and maintain both.  Weight loss success requires consistency, more effort and a good support system.


People who don’t sign up for the classes think they know how to lose the weight despite histories that have thus far proved otherwise.


People who can’t make it (on time) to the weigh in, typically won’t make it to the weigh out (due to failure). The amount of planning and commitment that it takes to have weight loss success far exceeds the effort that it takes to show up to an event that’s been scheduled for 9 months in advance.  If you can’t plan to be there on the 2nd you probably can’t plan your meals for tomorrow.  Commit to yourself!


People are often embarrassed or reluctant to ask for help or participate in helpful activities.  But it’s that very help that people need most.   Even Tiger Woods has a coach. So tell me, why you don’t need one?


75% of people who enter will not show up at the weigh out.  Which means that your odds of winning are much better than you thought they were!


Losing weight is tough, it takes work, consistency and dedication.  If you have had trouble with staying motivated, you don’t need to give up, you need to give yourself the help that the WLC offers.


To lose weight you only have to do two things.  Most people know what these are so they don’t need to learn more. (Sarcasm).  If knowing and doing were remotely similar, everyone would be thin.


The purpose of Dr. Lou’s Weight Loss Challenge is to keep you motivated through engaging workshops, phone conferences, movies and through the online community.  If you have a problem with the “doing” part, you should be more involved next year!


I’ve worked with many people privately and in groups over the years to help them lose weight.  Those who have accomplished their goals have told me that every dollar, every hour, every skipped drink, every exhausted evening was more than worth it to be where they are now.  It takes consistent commitment.


People can change their ways on a dime, but they have to change.  Like quitting smoking cold turkey.  It can be done.


People amaze me every year and succeed in incredible ways despite hardship during the challenge. Death, illness, unemployment, weather, finances are only obstacles for those who let them be obstacles.


This year was by far the easiest year to win.  The weigh out is NOW, Friday April 11, 2014 from 8-10am.


There is always next year or even next week or the next day.  If you didn’t accomplish your goal, keep going or start over tomorrow.  It’s not about the WLC, it’s about you.


Dr. Lou’s Weight Loss Challenge will be here for you every year if you need us.  In future years, I encourage your to take advantage of the incredible gift that the challenge offers all of it’s participants.  For a $25 entry fee and $8/class your investment is less than $115.  $115 for 3 months of engagement with experts who have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds.  when you win, you’ll more than pay for the classes. We know what we’re doing and we want to help.  We want you to bring your friends, start weight loss challenge groups, team up, help others and change your own life as well as others.


We hope to see you at the weigh out today between 8-10.  The 2015 weight loss challenge weigh in date will be Friday January 2, 2015 between 8am and 11am.


Weight Loss Sabotage - Sabotage Prevention with Weight Loss Coach Dr. Lou Jacobs (207) 807-1119

Weight Loss Sabotage – Sabotage Prevention with Weight Loss Coach Dr. Lou Jacobs (207) 807-1119