When To Call A Pediatric Chiropractor.


Pediatric chiropractic treatment has been around for a long time.  Chiropractors have been evaluating and gently adjusting children since the turn of the 20th century. It wasn’t until the formation of the ICPA however that the profession had an organization representing the welfare of mothers and children.  The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA, Inc) is the profession’s oldest, largest and most sought out chiropractic pediatric association. The ICPA was founded by Larry Webster, D.C. in 1986. His vision and passion in working with children had a major impact in redirecting the profession to care for more children.” The key to finding a great and highly qualified pediatric chiropractor is to look for one trained by the ICPA. A fully trained ICPA doctor and local chiropractor is going to be most qualified to work with you and your children.


A pediatric chiropractor evaluates your child as gently as a medical pediatrician but without the needles.  A thorough evaluation of a child’s nervous system, spinal and pelvic alignment, reflexes, muscle tone, head shape, sensory processing and a host of other, primarily nerve based, tests will be done if indicated. The exam is gentle, involves no needles or other probing devices, and is always performed with the parent within arms length.  Children are given extra time to become acclimated to the office and the doctor. After evaluating your child, the doctor will explain his or her findings and report to you whether or not the child is a candidate and would benefit from chiropractic care.  Care would commence thereafter with the parents consent.


My child doesn’t have back pain, why should they see a chiropractor?


Chiropractic is not all about back pain. It is fundamentally about optimizing nerve (nervous system) function and removing irritation (misaligned, inflamed joints) from the nerves. Our nervous systems are how we experience our lives, if it’s not working properly, life will not be the same.  Evaluations are painless but finding out later in life that your child was disadvantaged because of a neurological disconnect earlier in life is painful. Children deserve to have optimally functioning nerves.


When do kids get damaged nerves if they are so young?


Birth is the first major physical trauma for most children. A child’s spine may be irritated in utero or when the doctor pulls on their head to speed up delivery. Have you ever wondered what it would do to your back if you sat in a carseat for hours at a time? Ouch. If the child is a toddler, they have already fallen hundreds of times. Innocent bumps to us can spell spinal trouble to a young child. The causes of spinal nerve and nerve system irritation are too numerous to list. All children have had the opportunity for nerve compromise, it’s the impact that remains uncertain in the child that has not been examined.


Let’s say the pediatric chiropractor finds something, then what?


If the chiropractor finds a spinal subluxation in the child, they will use gentle pressure or extremely gentle adjustments to remove interference to the childs’ system. Chiropractic adjustments performed by a pediatric chiropractor are NOTHING like adult adjustments. If you have been adjusted or know another adult who has, you must know that your adjustments are entirely different than a pediatric adjustment. Most adjustments on children DO NOT involve a thrust, there is no twisting, there is no cracking sound coming from the spine. Chiropractors who train with the ICPA undergo extensive training to be able to safely evaluate and adjust children will always have the safety and security of the child and their parents in mind. 


You should take great care in choosing your chiropractor who specializes in the chiropractic care of children. Emphasis should be put on post graduate education and training through the ICPA. Reviews and referrals from other parents should be taken seriously as well. After finding an ICPA trained doctor with great reviews it finally comes down to understanding and rapport between the child, the parents and the chiropractor. Don’t leave your child’s spinal and nerve health up to uncle Cletus saying they’re fine. Have your child examined



Dr. Lou Jacobs is the pediatric chiropractor in Portland, Maine at Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture and Perinatal & Pediatric Chiropractic of Maine.  Dr. Jacobs has worked with pregnant moms and children for the past 13 years, he is an active member of The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and The International Chiropractors Association (ICA).





We specialize in health, happy kids - Perinatal & Pediatric Chiropractic Of Maine at Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture. (207) 553-7776

We specialize in health, happy kids – Perinatal & Pediatric Chiropractic Of Maine at Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture. (207) 553-7776