Skiing in Maine is only fun if you can actually go.

If you can’t stand up, look down, turn your head, lift your leg, sleep, or drive your car…

You won’t be able to ski.

Seeing a chiropractor before the ski season can offer several potential benefits, especially if you have pre-existing musculoskeletal issues or want to optimize your physical condition for skiing.

Here are some potential benefits of seeing a chiropractor before hitting the slopes:

Pain Relief:Chiropractors are trained to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, and joint discomfort. They do this without the use of drugs or surgery. If you have any pre-existing pain or discomfort, a chiropractor can help alleviate these issues, making your ski experience more enjoyable.

Improved Joint Mobility: Chiropractic adjustments can enhance joint mobility, particularly in the spine, hips, and knees. Improved joint mobility can enhance your range of motion and flexibility, which is beneficial for skiing. Improved joint mobility may also lead to better stability and coordination of your body’s position and responsiveness. Spinal joints have lots of position receptors.

Enhanced Balance and Coordination: Chiropractic care can help improve your proprioception (your body’s sense of its position in space) and overall balance, which is important for skiing on uneven terrain.

Injury Prevention: By addressing any existing imbalances, subluxations, or alignment issues in your spine and other joints, a chiropractor can help reduce the risk of injury while skiing. If your coordination, mobility, balance recovery and strength are better, you should fall less, also leading to fewer injuries.

Optimized Nervous System Function: Chiropractic adjustments aim to improve nervous system function. An optimally functioning nervous system can help with quicker reflexes and better muscle control, both of which are crucial for skiing.

Pain Management Without Medications: Chiropractic care offers a drug-free approach to pain management. If you prefer to avoid medications or want to reduce your reliance on painkillers, chiropractic care can be an alternative option.

Enhanced Performance: Many athletes, including skiers, seek chiropractic care to optimize their performance. Proper alignment and joint function can lead to improved strength and power in your movements on the slopes. Over 70% of professional golfers, and every NFL team has at least once chiropractor to turn to for performance enhancement and healing.

Stress Reduction: Chiropractic adjustments can promote relaxation and reduce stress. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who may be anxious or tense about skiing.

Personalized Care: Chiropractors often provide individualized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs and concerns. This personalization can be valuable if you have unique musculoskeletal issues. In the case of Dr. Lou, you have his cell phone number once you are established as a patient of his. So whether you are at Sugarloaf, in Lake Tahoe, or skiing in Switzerland, you will have access to him by phone or through his app, available at all major app stores.

Rehabilitation and Recovery: If you’ve had a previous skiing-related injury, a chiropractor can be a part of your rehabilitation and recovery team, helping you regain strength, mobility, and function.

Dr. Lou Jacobs has been providing chiropractic and acupuncture care for Mainers for over 21 years. As a kid growing up in Farmington, he spent winters at Titcomb Mountain, Sugarloaf, and Saddleback. He was a ski instructor, and is in tune with the needs of skiers of all levels. He uses non invasive treatments to keep you on the slopes without recovery time or side effects like those that accompany surgeries and prescription medication. Dr. Lou may be reached by calling (207) SPINAL-1. (774-6251). Please call for availability.