Face Wrinkles – Non-Surgical Prevention!

Every night when you go to sleep, you may be adding wrinkles to your face if you do this one big no-no. The solution is simple and costs nothing.

Not only is sleeping on your stomach a major cause of neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches, it also causes you to visually age more quickly.

Solution: Stop Sleeping On Your Stomach.

Not sleeping on your stomach is easier than you might think. My technique, explained in the video below, has helped hundreds, maybe thousands of people switch from their stomach to their back while sleeping.

Imagine this. 8 hours a night of smashing your face against a pillow.  Night after night, that pressure adds up and creates and accentuates wrinkles.

Imagine this. You sleep on your back and while you are sleeping, your face wrinkles are decompressing and flattening out. Gravity to the rescue. The longterm effect of sleeping on your back may be a smoother face and will certainly reduce your risk of neck degeneration, pain, headaches, shoulder pain and tension.

Don’t sleep on your stomach.

Dr. Lou Jacobs is a chiropractor in Portland, Maine. He may be reached on twitter @drloujacobs or by commenting on the videos on YOUTUBE.