Preventing Back Pain At Home Is Easier Than You Think.

Back pain has a handful of primary causes:

Spinal misalignment and joint compression.

Nerve compression or pinching.

Strained muscles ligaments and tendons.

Arthritis in the joints of the spine and pelvis.

Bulging, herniated and ruptured discs.

Wear and tear of all of these structures.

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While it is true that chiropractors like myself can help do damage control, maintain and optimize all of theses structures and their relationships with one another, you can also help them with efforts at home. A decent amount of prevention can be done with a few simple tools and a little bit of effort. Even something like taking the wallet out of your back pocket may dramatically reduce your risk of back pain.

Dr. Lou's Top 11 Home-Care Tools For A Happy, Healthy Back. FREE!

Dr. Lou’s Top 11 Home-Care Tools For A Happy, Healthy Back. FREE!

In addition to the tools in this FREE E-BOOKLET, preventing back pain involves keeping your weight down, staying active, getting plenty of sleep and keeping your stress level down. Preventing back pain is so much easier than fixing the underlying problems that cause it. The prevention of back pain is cheaper too.

Chiropractic maintenance and care are much less expensive than more invasive medical treatments, but nothing is less expensive than exercise, sleep, nutrition and stretching. Do these things eliminate the need for chiropractic spinal hygiene and maintenance? No, of course not, but your preventive efforts often eliminate the need for chiropractic damage control. Most chiropractors would much rather you come to them for spinal optimization,  rather than damage control after a flare up, melt down, or accident.

Download The Eleven Best Home-Care Tools for a Happy, Healthy Back!

Did you know that 80% of Americans will experience at least one bout of debilitating back pain in their lifetime. That’s a lot of people and it comes at great expense and disruption of lifestyle to get it taken care of. Any doctor worth their weight in pesto sauce will help you prevent problems before they start. Most people in Portland, Maine want to deal with preventing back pain with non invasive, drug and injection free methods. THIS IS CHIROPRACTIC. Drug & Surgery Free Since 1895.