Is not being able to run because of injury or pain, ruining your quality of life?

Running is the chosen exercise for millions of people around the world. It keeps us thin, keeps our minds clear and focused, it keeps our heart and lungs healthy, and without it, we feel ourselves starting to “lose it!” So what do you do if you can’t run?

Running requires energy, strength, cardiovascular endurance and structural integrity. The majority of runners have the energy, strength and cardio capacity to get out there. Where running enthusiasts most often fall short is in the “structural integrity” department. What exactly is structural integrity? In a living, moving human, it is the nerves, muscles (and other soft tissue), and skeleton (joints) working in concert with one another. It is this harmonious environment, that the physical stress of running will have the least likelihood of causing longterm damage or injury to the nerves, soft tissue, skeleton and joints.

You can have misalignment and damage in the spine, hips, pelvis, knees, ankles and other weight bearing joints without feeling pain. Until the problem gets bad enough to cause pain, you won’t see it coming. Once it hurts, you may have to stop running and you will have to back track and try to do damage control if at all possible. This can be painful, time consuming and very expensive. Prevention, as you know, is the best medicine.

If you identify structural weakness or vulnerabilities before damage is done, you can correct and protect the structures at risk. Learning more about chiropractic care and how it will correct and protect you, should be part of your running plan for the future. Chiropractic has saved the passion (and bodies) of millions of runners around the world. It is non invasive, addresses the underlying issues, it is safe and effective. It also allows you to run while you heal, so you can get back to your sport sooner, which, while under care, leads to a more complete, more stable healing process.