Teachers Deserve More.


While many say that a child’s greatest (or worst) education is at home, teachers mean the world to our families and our children. Despite fatigue, stress, wear, tear and premature aging, they relentlessly do their best to educate our children. It’s fair to say they do a great job, but when their health suffers, so does the community at large.

Teachers, Moms and Children are our top priority. (207) 774-6251

Teachers, Moms and Children are our top priority. (207) 774-6251

My wife is a teacher. My father taught for over 40 years. My mother was a teacher. I was and am lucky enough to have teachers at home and at school. Not all kids are so lucky. The health of our children’s teachers directly impacts our homes and our communities. They deserve more.

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If you are a teacher, you are on vacation this week. Even though many of you are catching up on school work, it’s still a  rest from bending over, looking downward and hunching over students. Hopefully, you have a break from grading papers, the stress of children’s issues, a break from over concerned parents and juggling your own life at home with your life at school.

Do you feel like you are juggling more than you can handle?

Teachers have as much, if not more, neck pain and tension headaches than any other profession. Much like nurses, pain in the back of the head, in the forehead and top of head are all common among teachers of all grades. Low back pain, shoulder pain and a gradual accumulation and perpetuation of chronic tension and pain plague even the most fit teachers. The physical and mental stress accumulates in the muscles and nerves, leading to instability and dysfunction which leads to feeling off, having poor health and ultimately feeling down right terrible. Most teachers seem to want fast, convenient, “organic” healing without drugs or surgery. As a working teacher, you can’t afford to be impaired. You can’t afford to miss months of work. You can’t afford to let your teacher guard down when the lives of dozens of kids are in your hands.

All of the issues ranging from dysfunction of the nerves, muscles and spine, as well as stress and tension to outright pain are the domain of a chiropractor. Drug free, non invasive, efficient care that ultimately leads to better adaptability in the class room and life outside of the school is what Dr. Lou has been providing teachers for over 16 years. .

“The healthier the teachers, the healthier the community and the home.” ~Dr. Lou


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