Ask Yourself, Which Of These Four Things Makes The Top Of Your List?

What would it take to get you to swim with sharks, run through a burning house, or ride a rocket to the moon? Have you ever thought deeply about what motivates us to do things? Usually, we ponder it in passing, but what drives us more than anything?

Experts contend that there are four things that make us rise to most challenges.

  1. Health. Under appreciated when we have it, once lost, it becomes clear that it trumps money, hobbies, other people, vacations, etc. Without health nothing is possible. Preserving it through maintenance of your body and preventive action and healthy choices gives you the best odds of remaining healthy. When fighting for their lives, people undergo extreme pain and hardship to. regain their health. Their families suffer and their lifestyles often change dramatically. Their endurance is a testament to the extremes people will go to, to survive.
  2. Family. Love of family motivates people to work harder than normal, fight harder to survive, succeed and provide. People will fight gangs, swim with sharks, distract attacking bears, just to save their loved ones. Even at the expense of their own health and lives. Family is often the motivating factor among the four things, for maintaining one’s health as well. Many a smoker has quit so that they can attend their children’s graduation or wedding. (tips for finding a family doctor)
  3. Money. People are motivated to do some pretty outrageous things for money. Of course, currency of some sort is necessary to survive and thrive in today’s society, but people often compromise their health and even their families for money. Money makes people turn their backs on what is just and right, they turn their backs on love, kindness and the welfare of others. Others like them with families and dreams of their own. People will often spend this money on ways to save them time, hiring people to work for them, clean for them, and the like.
  4. Time. Our time on this planet is limited. This is the most inflexible of the four things. The average life expectancy in the U.S., according to most sources, is getting longer, but the quality of that time is worsening. Despite medical efforts, our quality of life, and it’s length are moving in opposite directions. As hard as we try to save time and use it wisely, too often, this does not include proper care for of our bodies. We never get time spent, we can only try to make the most of what we have left.

Maintaining health while making money to care for our loved ones and have as much quality time as possible with them, is a challenge. It is a challenge that chiropractors help people succeed with every day. Chiropractic care works to maintain optimal brain control over the health of your body, leading to better quality interactions with others, more potential to work hard and make more money and it optimizes your time on this planet by keeping you mobile, fit, engaged mentally and physically. Typically adding years to your life and life to your years. If you, like most people, value the four things mentioned above: health, family, money and time, you owe it to you and your family to seek out chiropractic care and utilizing it as a tool for lifelong health and well being optimization.