The Top 7 Reasons People Call Our Office For Help During A Maine Summer.

When you live in Maine, and summers last for only a couple months, the last thing you want to do is miss it. Most people we know don’t leave the state between June and September, in an effort to make the most of our warm weather months.

Pain and disability prevent us from doing the things that we  love. Golf, swimming, sewing, gaming, biking, running, sailing…all compromised. For many the worst thing is not being able to play with their kids and spend time with friends and family. Whatever you love to do in the summer, if you can’t do it, it’s a real bummer.

If the average lifespan is 78 years of age and you miss 1-3 Maine summers because of back pain, that’s a huge loss. That’s over 4% of your summers spent hurting! If, like many Mainers, you have guests visiting, and they have disabling pain issues, that may ruin your Maine summer too! Disability by association.

Having neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, headache, migraine or sciatica will ruing your summer in any combination. As the truth about medications and other invasive methods of pain relief come to light, fewer people want anything to do with them. Safe, effective, drug and surgery free procedures involving acupuncture and chiropractic help you, your family and guests, function better, feel better and enjoy your Maine summer to it’s fullest. Don’t let “the big 7” make it a painful Maine summer.